Monday, November 21, 2016

Hello from Washington

I was wondering how many people really read our blog?  So if you like what we have written over the last few years please comment and let us know if you want us to keep writing about our travels.  We enjoy what we do and the people we have come in contact with.
So there is a little bit about what we have been doing since we left Alaska this summer. We went to Denver 5 days after Alaska and worked a Rally. From there we headed to the office to meet all of the new staff and pick up supplies for a FMCA Rally. On our way there we had new brakes installed on the coach, They are very good disk brakes and the trailer stops very good. After that we head to Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta for a great 10 day Balloon Fiesta.
While here we had a little truck problem and had to have a new rear-end put into the truck.  Yes, number 3 in 3 years, so this time I went back to the 4:11 gears, had 4:63 installed and got a 2 year warranty this time. So far so good.
After the Balloon Fiesta we headed back to Washington to see the grand kids and our kids.  It has been good, we have seen the kids and grand kids too.  We are going to be here tell Thanksgiving then we are heading south for Rose Parade.  Hope to get some great pictures to show everyone.
So that brings us to were we are today, If I do not get very many commits then this blog will be closed down.  It is easier to post on face book so I am still up in the air about this blog. 

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