Saturday, July 30, 2016


Yes we have been busy and yes I have been lazy also.  It has gotten easier to post pictures on Facebook then here.  The only problem is when taking pictures with the 35 MM Camera it is a little harder to get them to Facebook.  Anyway I am thinking about getting rid of the blog because Facebook is easy and fast.  But I have not given up on this yet.
So here is a mess of pictures I have taken in the last 4 weeks.
 This was our trip into Denali, it was a great clear day and we seen the Great One in all of its glory.

We seen a few bears but this is the only one I got good pictures of.

Seen a lot of Ptarmigans.
These were taken when on boat ride out of Seward, AK

These were taken yesterday while out on a Cruise in Valdez, we went to Meares Glaciers
 Stellar Seals

 Sea Otters
 Harbor Seals

 Meares Glacier caving

 These Puffins when they take off are like skipping a rock.

  Last night we went over to the fish hatchery and seem a few Seals eating smorgas board style.

Anyway we are leaving Valdez tomorrow and heading South towards Skagway, where we will be for a few days. Then on ward to the end of our trip.

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