Sunday, August 14, 2016

Alaska done heading to Denver Rally now

OK!!! I have been lazy, but enjoying the guest we have been traveling with.  We finished up our Alaska trip on the 12th.  They were a great group of people ans hope some day to have them all on another trip with us. We left Prince George, BC about 11:00 AM and got to Hinton, AB at just after 4:30 PM. Two of our guest were at the KOA also.  The next morning we were up early for a long drive to Calgary, AB by way of Edmonton, AB.  The road was a 100% better and we did make pretty good time, instead of driving back down through the rocky's.  This morning we were up again and doing another 300 mile plus road trip to Great Falls, MT.  We have 3 more day of driving to get to Denver by the 17th for the start of this Rally.
I did down load some pictures that I want to share with everyone from when we went to Juneau and got to see Humpbacks Whales bubble netting.  We have been very lucky on this trip, but this had to be a highlight.  There were 9 whales in these pictures. We seen then right off the back of the boat about 50 yard the second time they came up. I did get the splash of one whale breaching totally out of the water. Cyndy was able to video tape it with the phone, but having a little problem getting it to the computer.  As soon as I get it over I will post it.  So here are some great picture of them.

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