Thursday, June 9, 2016

Arrived at Dicks RV Park

This morning we had a little bit of early morning rain and more thunder.
This is the area of free Parking at the 50,000 Silver Dollar Bar, I count 8 rigs here from last night.  We left at about 8:00 AM and the sun was out and clear driving from here on I hope.
As you can see the sky's are clear and the road is good.  We had a great drive and here are a few pictures of our trip.
The Clark Fork was following high but we did see a lot of boats fishing, but didn't have camera ready when they showed up.
We have noticed a lot of tanker cars sitting all over the place while traveling east on 200 towards Great Falls.  I am wondering if this is still some of the back up from the wreck down on the Columbia!!!
It was a long time coming but the trip up was easy compared to the trip back down, this is an 8% grade for 2 miles then we level out at 3800 feet, we topped this pass at 5600 feet.
As we came out of the Rocky's we hit the open plains.
We were hoping to see some Analope but all we seen was cows.
We had a great day and the drive up to Great Falls on 200 is a nice drive and little traffic.
We made it to Dick's RV Park and are all set up.
Trailer washed, sign up and books out now all we have to do tomorrow is explore the stores for the few things to finish off the meal here for the guest on the 15th.

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