Sunday, June 12, 2016

Three Days and our Alaska Trip Starts

We have been busy the last 3 days getting everything ready for the guest to show up.  We have a total of 9 rigs in the park already.  This makes it nice so that we can get the in-rig visit done and give them all of their things for the trip, Rod- Log, backpack, milepost, coats, and information from us.  By Tuesday we should have everyone here.
We had our first social tonight and everyone showed up and we had a great time finding out where everyone is from, and getting to know everyone.  We had a few people show up with some great goody's.
The weather has been good today.  We had great sunny weather with a good amount of wind to keep it some what cool around here.  But the weather has not been all that good before today.  On Friday morning the 10th, at about 4:30 AM we got woke out of a very deep sleep to some load claps of thunder and lighting.  That wasn't the worst of it, we start hearing something very large heading the top of our rig. The gal at the office took these picture of what was hitting our rig.
As you can see the hale was the size of golf balls, but most of the hale was the size of small marbles.  We did not have any damage, but one of our guest were not so lucky, his vent in the kitchen had one come right through it.  Well in the next few days I will be getting ready for the orientation, making sure I have everything covered, with the help of my lovely wife Cyndy.

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