Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Montana here we come

Yesterday we left Walla Walla and spent the night in Moses Lake.  It was a little bit cooler only made it to the low 100's.  It wasn't a bad drive and made it to the park at Pier 4 Resort by noon.  No mountains or pass to go over, so pretty easy drive, it was just over 120 mile drive.  Get us ready for the long days to come.
Today was a little bit different story, we left the park and headed east on I-90.
 It was a real easy drive to start with, the weather was good only in the 70's plus for the morning drive.  The clouds looked great in the distance.
We could tell that we just missed a good rain storm.  I think this helped it stay a little cooler, but the humidity was a little higher.
 When we seen the trees I new we were getting close to Spokane.  Got to like this traffic on this side of the pass.  I set the cruse at 59 and just stay in the right lane and everyone is passing me at 70 plus, even the big trucks.  We are in no hurry, so why drive 65 plus.
Look we made it to Idaho, and no passes that we have had to go over yet.  Wait our first one is just ahead called 4th of July Pass.  And the heat is starting to build 80 plus already here out side of Spokane.
What a view of Lake Couer d' Alane, this bridge gives you some great views of the lake.  After this view we headed up over 4th of July Pass with out any problems.  With the weight we are caring I am very impressed, we crested the pass at 4500 feet and no problems.
 Now Look Out Pass was a different story, we hit the bottom of the pass with a work zone and narrow roads at 45 MPH, So when we hit the 8% grade about 4 miles from the top I was down to 25 and taking my time.
We made it to the top 4800 feet and now it is time to head down the other side, this time we have two lanes and I don't have to worry about people behind us and take our time going down the pass.  It said the first 4 miles for all trucks 25 MPH, steep going up and down but a piece of cake.  From the top to the 50,000 Dollar Bar & Restaurant, plus a small RV park it was only 16 miles.  Just for some of you that are heading east of west on I-90 this is a nice park, 30 AMP, no water, no sewer, but it is free, can't beat that.  One other thing the Restaurant puts out some great food and the price is pretty good.;
We both had Chicken Fried Steak, with white gravy and mashed potatoes (real mashed potato's), along with a great green salad.  The clouds are starting to build up and we heard a couple of claps of thunder, Turbo is hiding some where in here.  Glad we have small coach and very few hiding spots.
Tomorrow we drive just over 250 so we are building up our mileage slowly.  I think after tomorrow we stop for a while and relax, just kidding we will be getting ready for our guest to show up for the start of our Alaska Trip, it will be great.

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